How to Whitelist for IDOs

Before each IDO, there will be whitelisting, followed by a contribution round where you can contribute to the project's DAO treasury in exchange for their governance tokens.

Whitelisting works a bit differently for staker rounds than it does for public rounds. On a staker round, the whitelist is open for several days, and it doesn't matter when you fill it out. For public rounds, the whitelist is opened at a specific time and the list is generated on a first-come-first-served basis. If the whitelist fills up, we will allow a waitlist to generate. Those individuals will have whitelist tokens sent to them halfway through the contribution round if the round doesn't sell out at first.

To whitelist for IDOs, simply go to the whitelist page, fill out your details, and submit the form.

Note that the form leaves a space for you to write how much SigUSD you would like to contribute. You will be able to use Erg, it's just written in SigUSD because the Erg value changes over time. Enter the maximum amount you would like. There is no obligation at this time, you are just requesting that space is reserved, so if you choose to contribute less, that's fine.

For staker round whitelists, the pool weight of the tier you're staking will determine how much allocation you get. For public rounds, if there is space, you will be allocated whatever amount you request here.

Before the contribution round, we will airdrop the appropriate number of whitelist tokens to the wallet you used to sign up here. Those tokens will reserve your space in the contribution round and will be sent when you contribute funds to the DAO.

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