How to stake ErgoPad

We'll summarize first, but if you need more details, scroll on.

Staking Summary

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions, then click "Stake Now"

  3. Enter the amount of tokens you'd like to stake

  4. Choose which wallet you'd like to stake with, and then sign the transaction

  5. Go to Ergo Explorer to check the transaction

  6. Confirm on the ErgoPad Dashboard to see your staked tokens.

Full Staking Guide

To stake ErgoPad tokens, navigate to Connect your wallet first. Note that we don't store ANY wallet data on our website. You will be interacting with the Ergo blockchain only, and no transaction data will ever be sent to us. The website is merely a portal to help you interact with the blockchain.

Once your wallet is connected, Make sure you read and accept the terms & conditions, then check that box and press the Stake Now button

Now, enter the number of tokens you'd like to stake (make sure you have enough) and press the "Stake with..." button. If you are using Nautilus or SAFEW, choose "Stake with Desktop Wallet" as that will allow you to use the dApp connector. If using the mobile wallet, choose that button, and click the link provided or scan the QR code.

Once the transaction has been confirmed at least 1 confirmation on Ergo Explorer, you have staked your ErgoPad tokens. Congratulations!

Please make sure to keep all your staking keys at one address only, even if your wallet has more than one address. This will allow us to add them together when you sign up for a staker round of an IDO.

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