How to get ErgoPad Tokens

ErgoPad tokens can be obtained on any Decentralized Exchange (DEX). At the time of writing, Spectrum Finance was the only DEX that lists ErgoPad tokens.

Follow these steps to obtain ErgoPad tokens:

  1. Create an Ergo Wallet: Here are some blog posts by the Ergo Foundation explaining how to create an Ergo wallet, and a list of verified ERG wallets.

  2. Mine some ERG or acquire it on an exchange: You can either acquire some ERG on an exchange that supports Ergo trading or by mining ERG.

  3. Trade on a DEX: Visit the Spectrum Finance to exchange your ERG for ErgoPad tokens.

Now that you have some ErgoPad tokens, congrats! But how do you actually take part in ErgoPad IDOs? Next step, staking.

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